About Us

Ong Kian Hin Iron Works specialises in sheet metal customisation and fabrications for industrial and residential sectors. With many years of experience, our business has expanded over the years to provide full engineering support to meet the diverse needs of end consumers and industrial clients.

Today, our company has a team of experienced and highly skilled fabricators, working to provide our clients with a wide range of metal and iron engineering related works and products.

To keep abreast of technological advancement, we have invested heavily in advanced equipment over the years. Our equipment include: CNC punching machines, CNC bending machine, CNC laser cutting machine.

Our Products & Services

Industrial Products:

  • Sheet metal fabrication for industrial appliances
  • Analyzer houses, Analyzer cabinets, stainless steel casings, and sound enclosures
  • CNC punching, bending, and laser cutting of sheet metal works
  • Shelves and racks

Residential Products:

  • Residential garden swings
  • Clothes stands
  • BBQ pits and drain covers
  • Custom-made metal solutions, such as ornamental products for your home

Why Choose Us?


We are committed to providing all our clients with the best metal engineering solutions for your needs and budget.


We consistently invest in our equipment and tools, ensuring that we have the latest technology to deliver quality products efficiently.


Our team of experienced and highly skilled fabricators are capable of delivering a wide range of products, including swings, shelves, grille doors, gates, and custom made items.